Grilled Brie Sandwich

Grilled sandwich are always a satisfying to eat as lunch. What about you?

Grilled sandwich are always a satisfying to eat as lunch. What about you?

This grilled sandwich is super easy to make, only requires a few ingredients and you'll be instantly satisfied. I used to eat this sandwich during my student days at Catwalk, a cute little lunch place in Leiden. It was the best treat after colleges or exams.

Nowadays, I treat myself to it when I know I have a lot of stuff/deadlines for work. It really brings me back to those days and though time is tight sometimes, good lunched always cheer me up! I hope you'll like this grilled sandwich too. 

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Grilled Brie Sandwich

  • Prep: 5 min
  • Total: 10 min

  • Meat


NOTE: this recipe serves one person

- 2 slices of brown/white bread
- 4 slices of brie cheese
- 4 slices of smoked chicken 
- 4 thin slices of red onions
- 1 tbsp of pine nuts
- 2 tbsp of pesto may. (You can buy it in the store or make some with my Pesto recipe and add a few tablespoons of mayo to it)
- salt & pepper to taste
- griddle pan


Assemble your grilled sandwich by placing the brie, smoked chicken and red onion slices on top of eachother. Sprinkle some pine nuts, season with salt and pepper and add an extra slice of brie cheese (so the sandwiches will stick). Butter or oil both sides of the sandwich and cook until golden brown. Serve with pesto mayo and enjoy! 

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